CHS Tech Meeting

CHS Tech Notes


    1. Half day Vision Thing on Tuesday May 25th 12ish-4ish Can CHS admin
      make it?
      1. Topics?
        1. Role of Tech Comm
        2. What is Ed Tech?
        3. COWs vs labs vs Pods vs N computing – access, support, long term
        4. Summer Priorities
        5. Analyze Tech Survey
        6. Budgeting – the formula needs updating
    2. Updates
      1. Site wide wireless – being bid upon, should happen during summer
        1. Each laptop will have to be touched (might take the first week of
          school, with the lab closed and Darreo on full time laptop set up)
      2. Open Office – Possible to push it out and make it the default (laptops
        will need to be plugged in to get the update)
      3. Tech Survey w/ Tech Request + Goals– CMS and River integrating the
        15-20 minute survey into Friday half day. Room in CHS plan???
      4. Aubrey (CHS Master Teacher) reported increased tech integration in
        other classes based on the Global Studies tech integration
    3. Sophomore Technology Class (Software Apps->Tech Survey->Intro
      to CS)
      1. Why does this class exist?
        1. We need a semester class to back up health
        2. We want to increase enrollment in tech electives (Graphic Design,
          DigiMusic, Video, Robot, Game Design, AP CS)
        3. With integration of tech in core there is still a need for a dedicated
          tech skills class taught by a tech teacher (just like Writing Across
          the Curriculum doesn’t mean we can get rid of English class)
        4. Computer Science is a new discipline
          1. Optional tech = low female enrollment (achievement gap)
      2. Who is in control of this class?
        1. Clifford is the teacher, but lots of folks have competing visions
      3. What could this class look like? (some or all of the below)
        1. In depth software apps to complement the tech integration in core
        2. Computer hardware
        3. Programming
        4. Survey of tech electives
        5. Digital citizenship
      4. Issues
        1. Not a state requirement
        2. No/little student choice
        3. Not the best way to fix low enrollment in electives
          1. study hall/TA limitations the direct route
          2. Doesn’t increase enrollment in non tech electives
        4. Do we have the staffing?
      5. My Back of The Envelope Vision for 18 Weeks of a Mandatory Intro to
        CS class (not in this order)
        1. Hardware
        2. Operating systems/Computer Concepts
        3. Networking
        4. Virus/Malware/SPAM
        5. Programming
        6. Programming
        7. Website Creation
        8. Office Software
        9. Office Software
        10. Web 1.0
        11. Copyright
        12. Web 2.0-blogs
        13. Web 2.0-wikis, docs
        14. Email/Web conferencing
        15. Digital Citizenship/Reputation
        16. Graphic Design
        17. Video
        18. Digital Audio

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