Dell’s $400 computer needs $200 of software

I just saw this ad for Dell’s low end optiplex desktop. What struck me was that Dell recommends an upgrade of windows (due to the fact that windows is selling a version of their OS without some very fundamental features) and the purchase of ms office. That adds $270 to the purchase price! If the original computer had been Ubuntu it could have been $450 and would have come with all of the software the purchaser needs (as well as being secure against virus attacks without the need for anti virus software, as well as having an app store with access to even more great free software). I just wonder why people think it is worth $100+ for an OS and $200 for an office suite. Especially on a $400 piece of hardware! I use Windows, Mac, and Linux and they are all fine. The only reason I have windows personally is for playing video games (which is probably not a good idea on the optiplex hardware). I have used ms office and open office and they both get the job done. Small businesses, students, schools, and home users could save a fortune in IT costs if only the concept of open source was more widely accepted and marketed.

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  1. Stefan says:

    Let’s experiment with Ubuntu in my class on a couple of machines. Will you come down to the lab and help me and a few students this school year? I want to know how easy it is to switch over, and I would love to see what the kids think.

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