Scholarly Attributes Print Outs Using OpenClipArt

I created these graphics for classroom use using the wonderful clipart in the OpenClipArt library and the open source graphics program GIMP. We print them on magnet backed paper to attach to whiteboards (the traditional non-touch screen kind) and then teachers and students can reference them during lessons. Teachers with digital projectors can use the images without needing to print them out. Referencing the scholarly attributes during class is a good strategy for promoting growth mindset instead of a fixed mindset in children (it isn’t about being smart or dumb it is about approaching problems in a scholarly way). The full resolution files can be downloaded by clicking on the picture and then choosing File-Save. Feel free to use, share, and modify. Thanks to Niccole Tiffany (Carmel Unified’s Gifted Coordination and differentiation expert) for promoting these ideas in our schools.


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  1. Stefan says:

    Hey! Do you have any extra on magnetic paper for my classroom?

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