E-mail Enhanced Google Forms for Walkthroughs/Quickvisits

This blog post summarizes the info in my Fall CUE presentation. (It is under construction)

Email Enhanced Google Docs for Quick Visits

Colin Matheson Carmel Unified School District cmatheson@carmelunified.org @cytochromec


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Learn how principals are using free google docs with netbooks/ipads/smartphones to provide feedback on instructional norms. Teachers can use these tools for peer observation or student feedback.

Email Enhanced Google Docs for Quick Visits

See what the form looks like


Intro to Google Apps

Can do everything I will talk about today with individual Gmail accounts

However, it is easy to set up free Google Accounts @ your school/district email address

Don’t have to use the email feature to have admin, teachers, staff, and students use Google Docs

Intro to Google Forms

One of the tools in Google Docs is Forms

Forms are tied to Google Spreadsheets

They are a great way to get feedback from students, parents, and teachers.

Email Enhancement

Using a form is good, BUT all the info is collected on a single google spreadsheet.

So people have to login to see the feedback AND they can see feedback for other folks

Use Google Scripts (Tools->Script Editor) to add email

Summary Graphs

There are built in summary graphs to Google forms.

You can create custom charts in Google docs or by downloading the info to Open Office/Excel

Other Uses

Student feedback during class

Peer observations

Logging meetings

How to get Templates

In Google Docs, the create button has a From Template link at the bottom

If you are on an apps domain you will see your school templates (very useful)

Click on Public Templates and search for Walkthrough to see some examples

The email enhanced can be found by searching Quickvisit

Customize the form

If you add or change questions you will need to change the text in the email script.

You can change the answer options without needing to change the script

Turn on the script

If you copy the form you need to go to Script editor

Click on Triggers->Current Script triggers

Add a trigger-you can choose “On Form Submit” or time based at the end of each day

Edit the form to enter your teacher and admin emails and the form is ready to use!

This presentation was made using the free alternative to Microsoft called Libre Office on the free alternative to Windows called Ubuntu

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  1. […] E-mail Enhanced Google Forms for Walkthroughs/ Quickvisit […]

  2. Stefan says:

    Looks good! It’s great to see more of these Web 2.0 experiences available in schools to promote sharing and collaboration.

    I noticed your comment at the bottom of your post, “This presentation was made using the free alternative to Microsoft called Libre Office on the free alternative to Windows called Ubuntu.” I sure would like to see more of a transition to Ubuntu or other Linux OS in our public schools. A tremendous amount of money could be saved. Additionally, through the use of open source software, a valuable message is presented to students and educators, that collaboration, sharing, and developing are essential to our future.

  3. Have you looked at the quizzing tool in google forms called flubaroo?

  4. Hi.
    I’m always on the brink of understanding and absolutely love the idea of an email follow up to classroom walkthroughs. I only want one piece (column) of my spreadsheet to be shared with teachers whom I’ve just visited. Could you walk me through that? Send an email if you have some time.

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