Moodle Training

Handouts that I have made to train teachers and students how to use Moodle.

Moodle_Quick Guided Step by Step-very bare bones, but lots of information

How to Upload a File-contains screen shots

How to Create a Calendar Item-contains screen shots

How to add information to your front page (a label) – contains screen shots

Digital Citizenship– An online document created to help students understand behavior expectations on Moodle (MySchool)

Web File Locker-We have an assignment on our front page which allows students to upload files between home and school. This shows students how to use it.

Some Click Along Moodle Tutorials

Intro to Moodle Prezi

Moodle Intro Flash Video

Creating a calendar event

web1 page adding a table_resize2_skin

upload one file_custom


zipping files_custom

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