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Secure Browser for testing on Moodle using Chromebooks or Win/Mac

Tuesday, May 5th, 2015

We recently set up a secure browser for our student chromebooks so that when they take quizzes/tests they can’t open up any other tabs/windows or take screenshots.
They steps involved:

A. Turn on the Safe Browser Option in Moodle

Go to Site Administration->Development->Experimental and check the box


(You can also just search the administration settings for “Safe”
I don’t know what version of Moodle this feature was added, but it was part of the Core Moodle code, so you don’t need to worry about 3rd party plugins.

B. Create a Chromebook Kiosk app

Here is a link to a copy of my complete kiosk mode app (updated February 22, 2018)
To change it for your site you will need to download the folder and remove the copy of from all the names. Then edit a few of the files:

in the application.html file

  1. change the title to be the name of your site
  2. in the webview line change the src=“” address to be the address of your site

in background.js you could change the ‘id:’ field to be the name of your site (I don’t think this step will have an impact, but might as well put your school name there)

Then you will need to publish this app by zipping this folder and uploading it to the chrome developer site
I published my app as private to our school domain.

C. Push the kiosk app out to student Chromebooks and blacklist user-agent switching apps in the Chrome web store and/or install the Safe Exam Browser on Windows/Mac

  1. Go to Chrome Management > Device Settings > Kiosk Settings > Single App Kiosk, select Allow Single App Kiosk for devices in the organizational unit you select.
  2. Click Manage Kiosk Applications. In the dialog that appears select the exam kiosk app you want to use. You can search for it on the Chrome Web Store, or manually install it if you have the app ID and URL by selecting Specify a Custom App.
  3. Make sure the devices you want to administer the exam with are under the organizational unit you select for the kiosk app.
  4. Then student chromebooks will get an Apps menu on the login screen with your secure browser which opens to your moodle site.
  5. Now blacklist user-agent switching so tricky students can pretend to be the safe browser even when they are not
  6. For windows/mac go to You will then need to configure the settings to point to your site.

D. Done

Now teachers can set up a quiz with the Safe Browser option turned in the quiz settings page under Extra Restrictions on Attempts. If students try to take the quiz while logged in normally, they will be told they need to use the Safe Exam Browser.
To use the safe exam browser kiosk app, students must log out of their chromebooks and look for an Apps menu in the bottom left menu bar. They then launch the secure browser and log into Moodle normally to take the quiz. Once they are done, they close the secure browser mode and then can log into the Chromebook normally to do other work.