Interacting with and Supporting Students

Since you don’t see your students every day, you need to use tools to maintain your relationships and clarify instructions. There are two great options for emailing all students, instructions for how to use your personal phone, and instructions on Zoom and Meet, the two very popular video chat rooms.

Email, Phone Calls, Texts

Video conferencing – Zoom and Meet

Zoom is the preferred option, but Google Meet can be easier to learn. Make sure that your settings include the waiting room on and that participants can’t share their screens unless you are working with a small group of students.

My experience with running meetings with 30+ students has proven that Zoom is the best choice for three key features: the non-verbal feedback (raising hand, yes/no, thumbs up/thumbs down), breakout rooms, and being able to mute all participants at once.  

– Darcey Rambach CMS Language Arts teacher and Master Zoomologist

Google Meet is the quickest and easiest video tool for teachers and students. Find it in the waffle menu. This used to be called Hangouts and they recently changed it so some instructions refer to Hangouts/Meet